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We can create the entire online store for your company. We offer you an online store, hosted on a web server, that will be possible to edit in the web browser. We will give you everything you need for your online store in one package, with a broad range of use of web hosting for e-commerce with excellent functions, quick and safe servers, numerous add-ons and high-quality customer services!

We create online stores on the renowned PrestaShop platform, which is a specialised solution for websites. The platform was developed and first presented in 2007; it has received numerous awards for technical excellence. In 2010 and 2011, it also received a Best Business Application Award.

Advantages of an Online Store

Do you have a bricks and mortar store that you are also planning to transfer to the Internet? What a brilliant thought! Perhaps you are even thinking of conducting your business exclusively online? Let us try and convince you to do so, by enumerating some of the advantages of web marketing:

  • Its main advantage, compared to a visit to a classical store, is the timelessness of the Internet: online stores throughout the world are open 24/7, meaning they are functioning without depending on the time zone of the user.

  • Web marketing is not just a brilliant solution for everyone who is perpetually out of time; they are also excellent for people with limited access to physical shops, be it due to their remote location or potential physical handicap.

  • Furthermore, web marketing is also focusing on key capacities of the company by completely automating non-essential operating processes.

  • Considering the audience it reaches, web marketing is a relatively cheap activity. It also guarantees lower transaction and operating costs. Through the automatisation of business processes, you will need less staff, which in turn also lowers labour costs. Marketing products and services is both easier and cheaper.

  • Through multilingual and multi-currency support, the PowerCom website makes it possible for you to access global market, allowing you to operate globally.

  • One of the advantages of web markets is that it is extremely simple and easy to access data and measure statistics with the help of advanced technology.

  • The interactive nature of web marketing, providing instant answers, is a unique quality of this media. Another result of its interactive nature and personal marketing is also the fact that the products and services can be easily adapted to consumers.

  • Web marketing has a broad scope: it is not only connected to the Internet, e-mail, and media, but also relates to managing digital data of a client, and being connected into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

  • Inventory reduction.

Basic Functions of Online Store 

Functionality is the most important part of an online store. It consists of the elements used by the buyer during the performance of a certain process in the store.

User Interface

  • Special campaigns (discounts, vouchers, etc.)

  • Highlighted items on the first page

  • Best-selling products on the first page

  • Displaying new products on the first page

  • Delivery without shipping fees, e.g. for orders exceeding a certain value or weight, or for special customer groups (clubs)

  • “Chain” sale (displaying similar articles next to the chosen article)

  • Displaying prices in various currencies

  • Multilingual support

  • One-step purchase, possibility of completing a purchase without registering as a user

  • Pictures of items, possibility of zooming-in

  • Picture changes according to the chosen attribute of an item (colour, size, etc.)

  • Support documents of the chosen item (instructions, safety sheets, etc.)

  • Possibility for customers to appear on the mailing list

  • Various payment options (payment of an estimate, payment upon delivery, credit card payment, PayPal, etc.)

  • Different delivery addresses/invoices

  • Specifying tags for items, and displaying only items with a certain tag

  • Item search according to different criteria

  • Filtering items in a category according to different criteria

  • Credits – returns

  • Package tracking

  • Possibility of choosing gift or recycled packaging

  • Sale of virtual articles (gift coupons)

  • Sale of electronic items that can be downloaded to the buyer’s computer once the purchase is completed (music, photos, etc.)

  • RSS feeds providing overview of new articles

  • Programme rewarding regular customers with discounts, vouchers, etc.

  • Affiliate programme (by earning a commission for sales arriving through links)

  • Commenting on items

  • Automatic generation of discounts sent over e-mail to the best buyers or to buyers you wish to entice to make another purchase

Administrator Interface 

  • Unlimited number of categories and subcategories

  • Built-in WYSIWYG text editor (What You See Is What You Get)

  • Unlimited combinations of item attributes (size, colour, material, etc.)

  • Unlimited space to provide a short and long article description

  • Unlimited number of pictures of an item

  • Automatic image resizing and the possibility of adding watermarks

  • Unlimited number of currencies

  • Unlimited amount of tax percentage

  • Unlimited number of delivery services

  • Setting the tax percentage according to country, continent, or zone

  • Setting the delivery service according to country, continent, or zone

  • Setting shipping fees according to weight or amount (possibility of a discount when an order exceeds certain weight/amount)

  • Discounts (for individual customers, when an order exceeds a certain quantity)

  • Real-time calculation of exchange rates and price display

  • Possibility of stock management

  • Notification by SMS/e-mail

  • Management according to barcodes

  • Notifying of shipment changes over e-mail (order in preparation/order sent, etc.)

  • Unlimited number of package statuses

  • Unlimited number of languages and dialects

  • The basis of the store is already translated into more than 15 languages

  • Optimisation for better web browser placement

  • Options of setting friendly URLs (possibility of short URLs for items)

  • Option of setting rights for administrators of the online store, for accessing certain content (i.e. defining the items they can change)

  • Option of determining a minimum order quantity

  • CMS system installed

  • Store performance reports (supported by charts)

  • Defining buyer groups and discounts according to groups

  • Possibility of connecting with Google Analytics to get a better overview of marketing actions

Why should you choose us?

Our team has many years of experience working in the field of web technologies. We have successfully completed numerous projects related to e-commerce, which can be confirmed by our satisfied customers. All this is proof of our professional approach.

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