Oblikovanje in izdelava strani

The first impression of a website is extremely important. When a person visits your website, they must immediately be filled with confidence when looking at your modern website which, together with your logotype, forms a recognisable corporate identity of your company. Through the use of graphic elements, the visitor must immediately know what to click in order to find what they are looking for. We can create a modern and elegant visual identity of your website which will make an excellent impression on your visitors.

Designing and Creating a Website

The content of a website, i.e. texts and pictures, must be clear, transparent, and always adapted to your target group. The content of your webpage will lead the visitor from the homepage to their purpose, which is usually to find your contact information or to submit a query. Through the use of concrete examples, the visitor will be convinced of your credibility, since the website will give them reason enough to contact you and not another service provider.

Design Consultancy

A website must be adapted to your target group. Does it consist of companies? Men, women? What is their age? How educated are they? How much money do they have? The website we create for 17-year-old girls will be different from the one created for a 45-year-old businesswoman. Together, we will define the expectations and wishes of your target group, and devise a plan to address said group in an efficient manner. This way, visitors will know that you are the right, credible solution for their problems, and will turn to you.

Simple Website Editing

Using the simple pcCMS web-based solution, you will always be able to edit all website content. Add your news, change your phone number, add new references, or upload photos and video files, etc. By investing in a short, one-hour training session included in the price, you will be completely independent.

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