Software Development

Custom software development, tailored to the needs of the customer

We will perform custom programming, plan databases, and create web and desktop applications for you. Our expertise and experience encompass a broad spectrum of knowledge needed in order to develop custom-made systems, tailored to the needs of the clients. We use state-of-the-art technology for our development processes. Software development is an important component of most of our projects. Our references show that PowerCom d.o.o. consists of a team of highly professional, efficient and experienced project managers and programmers who can make nearly every software development project come true, be it individually or as part of a larger group. Our main advantage is our desire and capacity to understand the problem we’re solving, since this is the only way for us to build an efficient solution. The planning and development tools and technologies we use in our work are accepted worldwide as industry standards. The architecture of our program solutions is in line with world trends developed in this field. We know and use practically all important databases.

Business Software

The business solutions we develop are intended to solve specific requirements of our clients. Applications provide information support to the business function. Informatisation of specific requirements of the business process, development of special program modules, and integration of applications with the existing systems of the client therefore represent a good basis for later implementation of analytical solutions.

Experts in the Field of Mobile Application Development

In order to reach all users and mobile devices, we use various technological solutions. We develop mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. Our team will help you develop the concept of your mobile application, plan the user experience, create an attractive design, and create it in a technically perfected manner. After a successful realisation and set-up of the mobile application into the app store, we will also provide counselling when it comes to reaching key users.

Data Processing

We process and transform data stored in different databases. We create database integration for analytical purposes. In addition to the abovementioned activities, we will also take care of: database editing, database management, transfer of data into a desired form, or data capture from a desired form, and preparing reports.

Web Applications

We often forget that web applications can also just be interfaces leading towards the actual application that the users most often reach from an internal network protected by a firewall. Such a view opens up new horizons. With the help of such web applications, we can simplify working from home or from a remote location. There are also examples of use where an individual web application is required. The technology we use is intended for rapid development and guarantees a high degree of adaptability to the wishes of the client. It is ready to simply exchange, import, and export data. It also supports flexible authentication process when it comes to user log-in, and further enables in-depth authorisation when it comes to entering and accessing data.

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