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Why aren’t all hostings the same?

We are one of the rare companies in Slovenia with web hosting servers set up in its own server space.

  • redundant uninterruptible power supply,

  • aggregate in case of a longer blackout,

  • controlled constant air humidity,

  • controlled constant temperature,

  • security procedures implemented in the event of a physical access into the room,

The servers are connected with the Ljubljana Internet Exchange (LIX) point which is the main exchange point of Internet providers in Slovenia.
Our own server space makes it possible for us to react faster when it comes to solving issues, to be more flexible when it comes to special demands, and to independently consume Internet line resources.
Granted, we are not the cheapest web hosting provider; however, we are among the most reliable ones.

Website hosting with e-mail

Web hosting is the cornerstone of your online transactions. It is extremely important for you to be able to count on a safe and reliable hosting of your website, e-mail account, and applications. Through continuous development investments and equipment upgrades, we help you focus your energy into your business as we deal with the smooth functioning of your web services.

Are you transferring from another hosting provider?

We want the transfer to be as smooth as possible. Fill out the form on the right side of the website, and we will transfer your website to our servers free of charge.

VPS servers

The abbreviation “VPS” stands for “Virtual Private Servers”. This is the most advanced web hosting option. Virtual servers are intended to be used by experienced users who possess knowledge of the Linux or Windows Server operating system. Just as real (physical) servers, virtual servers also come with their own capacity guarantees, IP address, SSH access, and all applicability that one would expect of a physical server.

Do you plan on buying expensive hardware to set up your own server? You can rent a virtual server from our company. We are among the leading virtual server providers in Slovenia.

Within the physical server in the virtualisation environment, we have several virtual servers functioning and behaving in a completely independent manner. Each virtual server can run its own operating system and can be restarted without it influencing other virtual servers in any way.

They also provide their administrators with a high degree of flexibility when it comes to software installed: on a virtual server, you can namely install the same program packages as on “real” servers, the only difference being that the costs of this process are significantly lower.

Dedicated servers

Portals, online stores, communities, and other projects that need greater capacities than can be provided through classical hosting forms in order to function, are perfect “candidates” for dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers give you the possibility of monitoring them 24/7, with guaranteed operation, meaning they are ideal for critical applications. With these so-called dedicated servers, you won’t need to share server capacities with other users, as you would with web hosting. The entire hardware is at your service and available for you to profit from it to the fullest.

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